• The manufacture plant is located in Almaty Province.

• Polyethylene pipes with diameter from 20mm to 630 mm, with different thickness of the pipe wall –SDR from 9 to 41. Pipes are intended for gas, water and drainage system.
• Pipes are produced on German equipment KRAUSS MAFFEI.
• The exploitation period of steel pipes is no longer than 25 years, as the exploitation period of polyethylene pipes equals to 50 years.

составляет не более 25 лет, тогда как гарантированный срок эксплуатации

трубопроводов из полиэтиленовых труб (труб ПНД) составляет 50 лет.

• Corrosion resistance — physical and chemical features of polyethylene guarantee a very good impermeability and high stability.
• Do not require reparation — polyethylene pipe does not require reparation, that reduces the financial investments for operation of pipes.
• Increase of traffic capacity of polyethylene pipe allows to decrease costs on pumping water by 5-8%.
• In polyethylene pipes there is no such process as “overgrowing” of oxidation products on inside surface as in steel pipes.
• Inside surface of polyethylene pipes becomes smoother, as a result of swelling boundary of polymer layer and emergence of specific surface effect of elasticity, which improves conditions of wrap of polyethylene pipe wall and decrease resistance of motion.
• Frozen water inside the polyethylene pipe will not damage it.
• The sag of a building to which a steel pipes is connected will lead to a damage of the pipe, while the polyethylene pipe is able to stretch up to 7% without losing its features (that is the reason why the usage of polyethylene pipes in seismological regions of Japan is approved by Law)
• Due to elasticity of the material, the dynamic pressure is decreased when hydraulic impact occurs (a brief rise 1.5 times the working pressure is permissible)
• Bacteriological and toxic safety is proved. Smooth surface of the pipe does not allow the accumulation of plaque and different formations thru the whole time of use of pipe.
• Polyethylene pipes are 2 times lighter than a steel pipe; it facilitates the transportation and installation.
• High strength and rigidity allow the polyethylene pipe to resist an internal pressure up to 25 atmospheres and external load of soil.
• Polyethylene pipe is resistant to exposure to aggressive soils and to some chemical substances.
• Polyethylene pipes can be used in different climatic conditions (from -45C till 40 C).
• Can be supplied in bays (till 500 meters in bay), for pipes with diameter till 110 mm including

 Due to these features of polyethylene pipes, they are successfully used in gas pipelines, in water supply system s, and drainage systems.













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